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Welcome to the page dedicated to discussing the Caravan of Allstars!
Join us as we take a closer look at their activities, origins, and advocacies.

What is Caravan of Allstars?


The Caravan of Allstars started in 1986. Primarily a 7-piece band, they also include a 3-piece horn section and have six singers with a variety of ranges and styles. They are located primarily in Oakland, California. Their deep love and passion for R&B and the blues have all led them to form a support system for other artists as well.

They have enjoyed a number of high profile performances in events like the AT&T San Jose Jazz Festival, California Music Awards, and many others.  One of their more notable performances was for an inaugural pre-party for then-President Bill Clinton. They make it their mission to keep alive the old stories of Harlem West and provide a lively and unforgettable performance each time.

To date, they have released two CDs with 50/50 records. Caravan of Allstars have expressed that their biggest influences are: Otis Redding, Albert King, BB King, James Brown, Johnny Hartsman, and many others. They learned the love and practice of blues from the greats and they want to share it with the world. They have made it their business to share with their audiences the deep love and passion that they have for this American art. To do so they often reach out and provide support to budding blues artists.

You can always check their social media page for updates on any local or national events that they appear at. After all, you can’t really appreciate talent until you hear it yourself. These stellar artists often take part in fundraisers for charities and memorial days which celebrate the giants of rhythm and blues as well as other offshoots of the blues genre.

If you wish to get in touch with them for any event, you can reach their booking agent, Ronnie Stewart, through their number at 510-472-880. Their general manager, Paula Stewart, can be reached at 707-647-3962.


Lead Guitar: Ronnie Stewart
Bass: Dalhart Johnson
Drums: David Stix Boyette
Alto/Tenor Sax: Carl Green
Trumpet: Geechi Taylor
Baritone Sax: James Nelson
Keys: Rich Forman
Keys: Funky Rob Gordon
Vocalist: Wylie Trass
Vocalist: Teddy “Blues Master” Watson
Vocalist: Terrible Tom Bowden
Vocalist: Tommy Nunnelly

If you were ever looking for a dedicated bunch of people who share a great love for music and blues, you’ve come to the right place.