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Today, we take a look at some musical events in and around the Oakland area. Check this list to never miss another blues event again!

Eddie Neon Blues Band

Biscuits & Blues
September 10

If you’re looking for blues and funk with a Jazz edge to it, this is the performance for you. Eddie claims that he draws his inspiration from the history and the community. This event is a great way for newcomers to the genre to dip their toes in the deep roots of blues.

Tickets go on sale at $20.

BBQ & Blues

Oakland Yacht Club
September 16, 2017

This is an annual event. They usually have a stellar lineup of bands. A definite event for any true blues lover!

Rockridge Out & About Street Fair 2017

Rockridge Market Hall
September 17, 2017

This is a great place to get your soul lit. Join the Market Hall merchants with their offers of fine wine, delicious wares, and sweet blues music.

Evolutionary Blues: West Oakland’s Music Legacy

By: Sarah Webster Fabio Center for Social Justice
at: Grand Lake Theatre
September 27, 2017

This is an evening of thoughtful discussion and inspiring discourse. Join 30 local musicians as they share their passion and their ideas about Blues’ history and modern progress. There is nothing quite knowing about the histories in order to truly appreciate art.

If you have any questions about future events or if you would love to have you event featured, give us a call at 740-264-0067.