If you have never heard of Oakland’s annual Art & Soul Festival, you are most definitely missing out. As it’s incoming again this year, we’ve decided to build a handy guide that you can use.

What is Art and Soul Oakland?

It is an annual summer festival that brings the community together. Started in 2001, it had the goal of suitably celebrating the grand style, spirit, and soul that the area is famous for. Today, it is one of the largest celebrations of art, music, food, and community camaraderie. Usually taking up a full weekend, it brings together various music genres under one roof.

When and where is Art and Soul Oakland 2017?

This year, it’ll be held on August 19 and August 20. It’ll start at noon and end at six in the evening. Try to follow your feet to downtown Oakland and you’ll find a 10-block area with Frank H. Ogawa Plaza at its heart.

You have the choice of entering from any of three locations: 14th Street & Broadway, Promenade alongside City Center West Garage, and San Pablo Avenue. Ticket prices are sold right at the entrances. The prices are $12 for adults and $7 for senior citizens and those under 17 but older than 13. The festival is free for anyone under the age of twelve.

Are there any Blues performers of note?

On a general sense, all the blues performers that will showcase their talents at the festival are noteworthy. However, there is a lineup available for your perusal here. There is more than one stage so there are a significant number of artists that get to perform during the festival.

We’re looking forward to Goapele’s 4:30 performance at the main stage on the first day of the festival. If you don’t know who this talented gift to soul is, you should definitely try to catch her performance on stage.  On the next day, you can catch Angie Stone at the same time slot. A Grammy-nominated singer, she deserves every moment of your attention and subsequent adoration.

What else is there?

Art and Soul has a lot of activities for various age groups. For the kiddies, there are a lot of arts, rides, and other activities that are organized by local groups.

A marketplace shall be available for the lovers of art and specialized crafts. Local artists have an annual project that incorporates the efforts of guests to form a large mural. Other than the art, the food is something to definitely look forward to! The food vendors take great pride in providing fares that sample international wares. You can travel the whole culinary world and stay exactly where you are. If you’re aiming to truly taste the culture of the bay area, be prepared to sample beer, wine, and several other types of beverages will be made available.

Art and Soul Festival endeavors to be eco-friendly. As such, all vendors shall be using recyclable flatware. If you have any other questions, do send us a message and we’ll be glad to help you!

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